Nypublicerade EU forskningsrapporter 2016

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Kinetics of precipitation during continuous casting of plate steels (KINPCC)

Recovery of nickel from waste in stainless steel industry (RECONI)

Fire resistance of innovative and slender concrete filled tubular composite columns (FRISCC)

Iron production by electrochemical reduction of its oxide for high CO2 mitigation (IERO)

Smart steel

Steel sheet surfaces with enhanced tactile feel (STEELTAC)

Rules on high strength steel (RUOSTE)

Intelligent cleanness controls in secondary steelmaking by advanced off- and online process models (INTCLEANCON)

Prefabricated enduring composite beams based on innovative shear transmission (PRECO+)

Fire design of steel members with welded ot hot-rolled class 4 cross-section (FIDESC4)

Develop tailored manufacturing safe methods for wind towers erected in remote areas based on an integrated tower concept and optimal use of high strength steels (SAFETOWER)

Innovative process technology for ingot casting by application of simulation and measuring techniques (IPTINGOT)

Recommendation for creep and creep-fatigue assessment for P91 component

Large valorisation on sustainability of steel structures (LVS3)

Recommendation for the negligible creep domain for P91

European network for component integration and optimisation (ENCIO)

New generation of highly resistant wear and thermal fatigue ceramic CERMET work rolls for rod mill application (CERROD)

Bending resistance of steel tubes in combiwalls (COMBITUBE)

Substitution of chrome plating for the rolls of skin-pass mill (CRFREEROLLS)

Optimization of frames for effective assembling (FRAMEUP)

Improved sinter mix preparation while using challenging raw materials (IMSIMI)

Influences of the electro galvanizing process on the surface topography alterations (ELOTOP)

Technology-based assistance system for production planning in stainless mills (TECPLAN)

Development of an ultra fast cooling concept based on the dispersion of a liquid hydrocarbon in a continuous heat treatment line for steel strips (ULTRA DRY COOLING)

High performance cut edges in structural steel plates for demanding applications (HIPERCUT)

Intelligent self-learning control of levelling processes by use of soft sensor techniques to predict residual stress and flatness (iCONTENS)

Multichannel spectroscopy and hyperspectral imaging for improved steel surface states monitoring and cost savings (MULTISAVE)

Controlling flatness of strips in furnace of continuous annealing/galvanising lines (Flat strip control)

Ultra low cycle fatigue of steel under cyclic high-strain loading conditions (ULCF)

Valorisation of knowledge for innovative fastening solutions between steel and concrete (INFASO+)

Precipitation in high manganese steels (PrecHiMn)

Blast furnace sustained tapping practice (SUSTAINTAP)

Austenitic steels for complex and variable stress temperature, pressure and environmental conditions of next generation ultra supercritical power plants (AUSPLUS)

Ship recycling

Work roll stress management during hot rolling of long & flat products (ROLLSTREM)

Negligible creep temperature curve verification for steels 10CrMoV9-10 and X2CrMoNiMo17-12-2

A study of negligible creep criteria based on EN-10028 standard creep strength and yield properties

Application of the emissions trading directive

Production costs from energy-intensive industries in the EU and third countries



Analysis of material recovery from photovoltaic panels

Application of the emissions trading directive

Production costs from energy-intensive industries in the EU and third countries