Metalbeams seminarier

Tidigare seminarier som hållits inom plattformen Metalbeams.

30 november 2021
Industrial use of spectroscopy at LSI

25 november 2020
Test environments for in-situ investigation of metallic materials

11 mars 2020
Industrial examples on use of large-scale infrastructure (synchrotron x-ray and neutron sources) by the metals industry

6 mars 2019
The Future of Metalbeams

8-9 oktober 2018
BIR2Gain in the analysis of phase evolution and heat treatments

14 mars 2018
MAX IV, ESS and PETRA III in service to the industry

2-3 juni 2017
BIR2Gain in Welding and Corrosion Challenges

7 mars 2017
Industrial needs for the use of large scale facilities in process and product development