Externt hållna workshops och seminarium relevanta för Metalbeams

22-25 June 2020
X-ray Powder Diffraction at DESY
In order to identify current and future scientific and industrial demands in X-ray powder diffraction applications a virtual workshop will be held on June 22th - 25th 2020

28-29 September 2020
32nd MAX IV User meeting
Which developments and beamlines, emerging science areas and technologies are necessary to fulfill your needs and reach your vision for MAX IV in 2030?

16-18 november 2020
Swedish NeutronWeek 2020
The scope of the Neutron Week is to enhance and identify different actors, and needs, in the neutron scattering area. November 18 is aIndustry Day, dedicated for industrial applications of neutron techniques.

 9 mars 2021
ACCELERATE Research2Business Online-Workshop: Residual Stress Analysis
This workshop will cover both standard laboratory techniques and advanced methods at large scale research facilities. It will showcase how synchrotron radiation and neutrons can, in a non-destructive manner, give insights into residual stress in materials and engineering components during fabrication or operation. Several techniques will be explained and linked to current questions..


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