AIMday Materials

Welcome to AIMday Materials, an event that brings together academic researchers and industry representatives in the field of materials science. The overall aim of the event is to identify and support research and development projects in collaboration, enabling innovations to meet the challenges of tomorrow.

Materials science is an exciting and vibrant interdisciplinary research area at Uppsala University, featuring highly profiled and innovative research groups as well as state-of-the art research facilities.

The competences and infrastructures available within areas such as materials synthesis and design; surface modification; materials production; and characterisation, are important for meeting the societal challenges of the future. Some examples of key research application areas include development of new solar cells, new materials for batteries, hydrogen in materials and sustainable energy storage, as well as nanomaterials and biocompatible materials for implants and drug delivery.

In addition, new production methods, such as additive manufacturing/3d-printing, is a strategic area within materials science.

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