Program Board Metallic materials

The Program Board constitutes the strategic innovation program Metallic materials' highest decision-making body.

The Program Board is composed of representatives of the program owners (Jernkontoret, Svenskt Aluminum and Gjuteriföreningen and the industrial constellation behind InnoVAT) and two representatives from the innovation area's actors (one of whom is a company and one researcher). In addition, the Board adheres to one member from Vinnova. Since Jernkontoret is the legal person responsible for the program vis-à-vis Vinnova, the Chairman of the Program Board is Jernkontoret's representative on the board.

The Board's mission

The program board's mission is to:

* Implement the program description drawn up by the parties (Vinnova, Jernkontoret, Svenskt Aluminum and Gjuteriföreningen)

* Get help from their reference group the Agenda Coucil for designing calls for proposals and proposals to Vinnova before making a decision on the granting of projects.

* Follow up and evaluate the project portfolio and work within the program.

* Designate a steering group responsible for approving the respective project's plan, stage and final reporting.

* Appointing members to the Agenda Council


 bo-erik pers Bo-Erik Pers, Jernkontoret, chairman

eva petursson Eva Petursson, SSAB

annika borgenstam Annika Borgenstam, KTH

aven-erik stenfors Sven-Erik Stenfors, Scania, Gjuteriföreningen

lars-inge arwidsson Lars-Inge Arwidsson, Svenskt Aluminium

 Not pictured:

Sina Vosough, SECO Tools


Updated 2019-05-03