Program office Metallic materials

The program office performs the operational work within the innovation program. The work mainly consists of planning and implementing actions within the program in accordance with the priorities set in the strategic agenda, in the effect logic and which are specified in more detail by the agenda council and the board.

The program office is supported by the agenda council, for example to ensure that the program's efforts are in line with the strategic agenda and with communicating information about and from the program to relevant networks, as well as from the networks to the program.

The following functions are available within the program office:

Program management, ie a program manager, supported by an assistant program manager and coordinator. The program manager reports to the Board.

Communications Officer

Project Assistant


Program office:

gert nilson Gert Nilson, Program manager

Lotta Sörlin Lotta Sörlin, Assistant program manager

rasmus östlund Rasmus Östlund, Project coordinator

Tommy Ekholm Tommy Ekholm, Communications officer


Updated: 2019-05-03