MetalBeams: Test environments for in-situ investigation

The main focus will be on synchrotron test facilities which are available for in-situ measurements of microstructure and phase transformations. This includes the effect of temperature, load and environment as well as time-resolved capabilities.

MetalBeams is an initiative within SIP Metallic Materials, run by Jernkontoret, Swerim and RISE, to encourage the use of large-scale infrastructure (synchrotron x-ray and neutron sources) by the metals industry.

In view of the current covid-19 crisis and consequent travel restrictions, the Autumn 2020 seminar will be online. 


13.00 - Introduction to MetalBeams
Rachel Petersson Jernkontoret
13.10 - Overview of synchrotron and neutron facilities used by Swedish researchers
Shun Yu RISE, Tuerdi Maimaitiyili Swerim 
13.40 - Presentation of European Synchrotron Radiation Facility
Dr Veijo Honkimaki ESRF
14.10 - Presentation of DESY (Deutsches Elektronen-Synchrotron)/Petra III, Hamburg
Ulrich Lienert DESY and KTH
14.40 - Short break
14.50 - News from MAX IV
Magnus Larsson Max IV
15.00 - In situ metal cutting
Jens Birch LiU
15.15 - In-situ electrochemistry
Jinshan Pan KTH
15.30 - In-situ additive manufacturing
Greta Lindwall KTH
15.45 Summary and future plans
Fredrik Lindberg Swerim
16.00 End of seminar


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