Metalbeams - seminarium

Metalbeams is a network with the aim of keeping the metal industry R&D departments up to date with activities in the area of neutron and synchrotron based research and in the broader sense facilitate the use of these large-scale facilities. For the third consecutive year the network hosts a seminar in association with Metalliska Material's annual meeting in Stockholm.

Program for 11 March: 

10.00 Welcome to the Metalbeams spring seminar (Rachel Pettersson, Jernkontoret)

Introduction to the seminar and Metalbeams activities.

10.10 Industrial use of large-scale facilities - examples

Representatives from industry tell their success stories on how large-scale facilities can be used to answer industrially relevant research questions.

  • Phase transformation and precipitate formation during heat treatment and welding of stainless steels (Jan Y Jonsson, Outokumpu Stainless)
  • Characterization of residual stresses at sheared, milled and laser cut edges in martensitic steels (Sven Erik Hörnström, SSAB)
  • Using synchrotron tomography for in situ study of cast irons (Peter Skoglund, Scania och Torsten Sjögren, RISE)
  • In operando XPS of the Mg assisted Al2O3 break-up process (Lars-Åke Näslund, Gränges)

11.10 The METALSF project (Peter Hedström, KTH)

Information about a project on Education and Community building regarding large-scale facility R&D for metals

11.25 Vinnova's funding activities for industrial engagement in large scale n/x infrastructure
           (Maria Öhman, Vinnova)

A short update from Vinnova.

11:35 Ideas from n/x-experts

Experts from Swerim (Tuerdi Maimaitiyili and Konstantin Simonov) and RISE (Emanuel Larsson and Shun Yu) give a brief presentation on their ideas on how to address key challenges identified in last year's workshop and invite further discuss these ideas during lunch

11.50 Metalbeams autumn seminar:  In-situ and time-resolved capabilities

Ideas and input from the audience

12:00 Lunch


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